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Men’s health is a crucial issue all over the world. Between the unique challenges men face, like higher stress levels, erectile dysfunction, higher rates of heart disease and death, and higher rates of depression and suicide, there’s a lot going on. that we need to improve to keep people healthier, happier, and living longer.

The good news is that there are a plethora of companies working on new techniques and innovative drugs to help with common male health issues.

With better healthcare, more innovative treatments, and other improvements in the world of men’s health, men have a better chance of living the kind of happy, healthy lives they’ve been dreaming of.

Below is a list of 5 of the world’s best CEOs chosen by us here at International Business Times who are disrupting the men’s health industry and helping to make men’s wellbeing better and more convenient.

1. Reza Amin – Health Bastion

Reza Amin is CEO, scientist, author of several peer-reviewed studies and founder of two different medical technology companies. At Bastion Health, however, his mission is as much about revolutionizing the way men receive and access health care because it is about finding innovations and improvements in men’s health.

With a focus on fertility and helping men understand their own fertility, Bastion Health is here to make men’s reproductive health as well understood and accessible as women’s.

Dr. Amin realized when he and his wife were trying to start a family that there was not as much access to reproductive information for men as there was for women, and that he was harder for Dr. Reza to know more about his own reproductive health than his wife.

Bastion Health is here to change that, which would be huge for men’s reproductive health.

2. Andreas Dettlaff – Nu Image Medical

When Andreas Dettlaff started Nu Image Medical in 2008, he quickly realized there were gaps in medical care coverage for everyone, especially men.

Men are notorious for not wanting or being able to take the time to go to the doctor, which means that improving men’s health is largely about improving to access to men’s health. That’s why Nu Image Medical offers telehealth appointments, so men can comfortably and easily access medical care in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

With innovative products helping to address issues such as erectile dysfunction, male pattern baldness, weight gain and hormone treatments, Nu Image Medical helps men stay healthier and happier for longer.

3. Timothy Warbington – Creative Medical Technology Holdings

Creative Medical Technologies Holdings is working to change some of the most important areas of medicine in men’s health. Their regenerative stem cell therapy targets issues such as diabetes, liver and kidney disease, and risk of stroke.

Using new and innovative stem cell technology, Timothy Warbington is leading the way to improved health outcomes and impacts for some of the most important diseases affecting men’s health and well-being.

4. Kevin Eisenfrats – Contraline

Under the leadership of Kevin Eisenfrats, Contraline creates an innovative new form of long-term contraception for men.

With an effective and safe contraceptive option, men will be able to better control their own reproductive health and make their own choices about their fertility and family planning.

5. Khaled Kteily – Legacy

Last but not least, Khaled Kteily has experience in health consulting, health policy and innovation. Like some of the other great innovators in men’s health and wellness, Khaled recognized that men had fewer options when it came to reproductive health and learning about their fertility status.

Khaled hopes to change that. Legacy offers state-of-the-art male fertility testing, products to help improve fertility, and freezing services to help men know, maintain, and protect their reproductive potential.