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As stated in the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF – or EFRE, in German) Cohesion Program and Strategy 2021-2027, as well as in the German Lander’s implementation and tender for this program, the healthcare/life sciences (HCT) industry is in focus. both for the EU and for Germany. Horizon Europe, a European research and innovation incentive program endorsed by the EU Council and Parliament and implemented retrospectively on January 1, 2021, after its final acceptance in April 2021, focuses on R&D and innovation related to health. These 6 health tech startups based in Germany are on the move!

Ada Health

Ada Health, based in Berlin, Germany, was founded by Claire Novorol, Daniel Nathrath and Martin Hirsch. Ada Health is a digital health company that helps diagnose symptoms and offer treatment advice using an AI-enabled platform. Ada’s core system connects medical knowledge with smart technology to help everyone actively manage their health, and healthcare professionals deliver effective care. Ada is proud to partner with leading healthcare systems and global nonprofits to realize this vision. Ada also provides users with real-time chat with real doctors. Founded in 2011, on February 10, 2022, the company received $30 million in Series B funding backed by Farallon Capital Management, Bertelsmann and Red River West.

Care Care

Cara Care, based in Berlin, Germany, was founded by Andre Sommer, Dankrad Feist, Jesaja Brinkmann and Orest Tarasiuk. Cara Care is a digital gut health platform. Cara Care offers app-based treatment to help patients with chronic gastrointestinal issues. It enables patients with chronic digestive diseases to enjoy a better life. Cara Care takes digestive health beyond the pill, by bringing together behavioral, microbial and nutritional data. Cara Care is certified as a medical device in Europe. Cara Care has been featured in Healthline’s Best Digestive Health Apps of 2020. Cara Care has already helped over 700,000 patients worldwide with software medical devices. Founded in 2016, on June 13, 2022, the company received $7 million in Series A funding backed by Dr. Schar, Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Asabys Partners.


Gandolf Finke and Jan Raue founded Mika, based in Berlin, Germany. Mika is a digital empowerment platform for people affected by cancer. According to German medical device law, Mika is a medical device. Mika’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of cancer patients. Mika, a digital assistant, accompanies the patient throughout the therapy and supports them with practical advice, expert knowledge on tumor diseases and personal recommendations to promote the patient’s health and quality of life. Mika supports connecting other devices (smartwatch, fitness tracker and health apps) and services to merge all health data and provide content for oncologists and psychotherapists to review. Founded in 2017, on May 9, 2022, the company received €10 million in Series A funding backed by Ananda Impact Ventures, Ship2B, EquityPitcher Ventures and Debiopharm Innovation Fund.

Avi Medical

Avi Medical, based in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, founded by Christoph Baumeister, Julian Kley and Vlad Lata, is among the 6 Health Tech startups based in Germany. A digital health company providing telemedicine services, Avi Medical, allows patients to book appointments, manage their health data and chat with the practitioner. Avi Medical uses data-driven medicine to provide patients and healthcare professionals with a simplified and more modern experience. Avi Medical’s mission is to bring general outpatient medical care into the 21st century. Founded in 2020, on April 6, 2022, the company received €50 million in Series B funding backed by Vorwerk Ventures, Picus Capital, Heal Capital, Eurazeo, Daniel Dines, Balderton Capital, Adrian Aoun, Addition and 3VC.


FORMEL Skin, based in Berlin, Germany, was founded by Anton Kononov, Florian Semler and Sarah Bechstein. FORMEL Skin offers medical and scientific solutions to effectively treat a wide range of dermatological conditions. FORMEL Skin’s medical team includes doctors, medical assistants, cosmeticians and medical students. FORMEL Skin provides medical care to its patients by making diagnoses, writing prescriptions, tracking their progress and answering their questions online and over the phone. FORMEL Skin is also involved in projects for the development of new medical products and the creation of content on social networks. The objective of FORMEL Skin is to provide comprehensive and individualized care to all patients and to establish telemedicine in health systems according to current dermatological standards. Founded in 2020, on December 14, 2021, the company received €30 million in Series A funding backed by Vorwerk Ventures, Singular, Heartcore Capital, Heal Capital and Cherry Ventures.


Among the 6 health tech start-ups based in Germany, Ali El-Ali and Manuel Aberle founded Get Cure, based in Berlin, Germany. Get Cure is a consumer health platform. Get CURE connects local pharmacies with customers through its platform and delivers health-related products directly to the consumer. Get Cure allows people to easily and securely order their medications online. The Get Cure app allows people to access and order over 3,000 products from their local pharmacies. Get Cure helps pharmacies grow their core business, optimize their digital customer journey and attract new customers. The Get Cure team is made up of serial entrepreneurs, experienced executives, and investors from the delivery and pharmaceutical industries. Get Cure’s mission is to empower pharmacists and consumers to digitally connect and take action on its growing platform. Founded in November 2021, on December 15, 2021, the company received $4.7 million in pre-seed funding backed by Abstract Ventures, Craft Ventures, J12 Ventures, and J Ventures.

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