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On July 23, New York time, global moxibustion brand AyTsao officially launched the “International Traditional Chinese Medicine Moxibustion Platform” project to the world on NASDAQ in Times Square.

This time, AyTsao launched the “International Traditional Chinese Medicine Moxibustion Platform” project, which was built by AyTsao team after 13 years.

The professional moxibustion health preservation platform integrating the Internet of Things + traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion + AI artificial intelligence can better realize moxibustion nationwide and liberate people around the world for pain and long-term health.

AyTsao owns the exclusive patented moxibustion technology in medical circle and the scientific formula of Jiuyin Jiuyang wormwood products. It has a number of self-developed products such as intelligent moxibustion series and intelligent moxibustion jade series, 55 trademarks, 8 patents and 12 software copyrights, in order to accelerate the achievement of the grand goal of the industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion, make moxibustion health care continue to benefit mankind and make the world full of love.

Hangzhou AyTsao Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017, focusing on smart technology moxibustion health care field. The company integrates training, technology, products and services, aiming to change the global way of human health care and bring moxibustion into thousands of homes.

Since its establishment, AyTsao has completed three rounds of financing, with a financing amount of tens of millions. It has won the titles of Hangzhou “chick eagle plan” enterprise, high-tech enterprise, etc. regions around the world.

In the future, AyTsao will continue to adhere to the grand mission of freeing people around the world from pain and long-term health, to merge and acquire the system chain of seven major industrial enterprises, to continue to provide intelligent technology moxibustion health care products and services for global darling, commit to changing the way global human health care, realize the dream of moxibustion health for hundreds of millions of people and make AyTsao the first international traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion platform. I believe AyTsao will create a new health empire of hundreds of billions.

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