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The Saltaire-based company behind the healthcare platform MyPathway has been acquired by Canadian software specialist, Vital Hub Corporation.

The deal, for an undisclosed amount, was made through VitalHub subsidiary Intouch with Health.

“Joining the VitalHub group of companies presents an exciting opportunity to develop and expand our solutions and services for patients and clinicians. We believe this will enable us to further our vision of providing equal, immediate, lifelong access to patient healthcare information, assistance and tools, at every stage of the patient journey,” said Judith Clarkson. , Commercial Director at ADI Health.

“Integration with VitalHub’s existing digital health product suite strengthens our own portfolio and provides the opportunity to further enhance patient journeys and improve patient experiences.”

The VitalHub UK group of health technology companies includes Intouch with Health, Transforming Systems, Synopsis, Beautiful Information, MCAP, Alamac, Jayex Acute, S12 Solutions and Hicom.

Founded in 2015, ADI Health’s flagship MyPathway connects patients to care services in areas such as musculoskeletal disorders, chronic pain, motor neuron disease and eating disorders.

Over the past 3 years he has raised over £2m in funding and investment.

“We are delighted to have completed the acquisition of ADI Health, as VitalHub continues its mission to create an ecosystem of digital healthcare solutions that simplify the complexity of integrating data into planned and unplanned care. . This acquisition will further strengthen our portfolio of award-winning digital healthcare solutions and allow us to further enrich care journeys for patients and clinicians,” said Mike Sanders. [pictured]CEO of VitalHub UK.

“The MyPathway solution is a leading digital health portal platform that will allow us at VitalHub, alongside Intouch with the health flow manager, to truly deliver end-to-end patient flow and will be likely the first joint solution of its kind in the UK healthcare market.We look forward to expanding and further developing the platform in the UK, as part of the VitalHub family of companies.