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KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – Remington College in Knoxville accepts applications from students seeking to advance or start a career in the medical field. Through the college’s Patient Care Technician program, students can take on nursing assistant positions in hospitals, clinics, and home health agencies.

“We need to help our community, our seniors and our attendant care centers, which is a great need right now,” said Knoxville Campus President Jonathan Daniels.

Daniels said it was their response to a high demand for healthcare workers in eastern Tennessee.

The program is an eight-month course that covers medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology, electrocardiology and phlebotomy, rehabilitation care and therapeutic modalities.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, licensed practical nurses start at around $ 15 an hour. The profession is also expected to experience an eight percent increase over the next decade.

“It’s a significant increase and that’s where I think if we can help that increase within our communities, and be able to provide quality trained people to be in these facilities,” Daniels said. .

Some recruitment agencies have told WVLT News that the demand is so high that they could fill dozens of full-time positions almost immediately. Daniels said the non-traditional education framework makes the courses ideal for anyone looking to expand their education or enter the field.

“We want to be able to work with them, so with our hybrid delivery method, they have access to their courses – through our web-based learning management system as well as Zoom sessions for the virtual lab,” Daniels said.

Students can register at any time of the year starting at the end of the month.

Financial aid is available for qualified students.

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