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The Department of Health is apologizing to around 6,000 people after wrongly telling them they had Covid-19 and needed to self-isolate.

Covid-19 Minister Ayesha Verrall said it was caused by “an error” in the ministry’s computer system.

She said this meant that “those who had previously been identified as having Covid-19 were told again that they had Covid-19”.

A follow-up text message has been sent to those affected, Verrall said.

The Ministry of Health confirmed what happened on Monday evening in a statement on their website which was shared on Twitter.

“A download error on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning meant around 6,000 people received a repeated text message telling them they had returned a positive Covid-19 test and should self-isolate.

“These personalized text messages were received by people who tested positive in the past 10 days, replicating advice they had already received.”

The advice sent in the texts included the directive to isolate and complete a contact tracing form.

The ministry said the problem was discovered early Saturday morning and the error was corrected that day.

‘The ministry has texted everyone involved to clarify the error, apologize and provide a phone number should they require further information or assistance.’