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All I ever wanted to be was a nurse. My nursing studies at Texas Christian University have been stimulating and exciting. After graduation I worked in various nursing jobs; from labor and delivery to public health to geriatric nursing and more. How could I wear all these nursing caps? The answer is science and education.

Good nursing and medical practices are based on the most recent scientific principles. Scientific facts are not monolithic and static. The nature of science is that of change. We learn more. We have more advanced technologies and better tools. Science is advancing.

Our local doctors, nurses and hospital staff are overworked. They want to use proven treatments and drugs. Let them do their job. Thank them for providing the best care, for using the most proven effective interventions, and for doing their best to care for you.

When you are well, go home with a grateful heart. Be joyful that we have an excellent medical facility in our valley with excellent practitioners. Take the simple, proven steps to keep yourself and those around you healthy. Get vaccinated and wear a good mask. Act as if your life depends on it. Because it is.