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The worrying death toll of 800,000 COVID-19, reached in the United States in December. 14, confirms that for-profit healthcare is deadlier than the virus itself. The United States has historically had the most deaths from COVID-19 of any country. (

Since the omicron variant appeared here on December 1, infection rates have jumped with 193,305 new cases on December 17. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts more than a million new COVID-19 case during Christmas week. (

Yet China, where COVID-19 was first identified and brought under control, recorded no deaths from COVID-19 in 2021. This fact alone confirms that a scientific approach with fully accessible health infrastructure , universal vaccination and national coordination at all levels is crucial. .

Despite big promises last year that the vaccine rollout meant the crisis was over and the pandemic was over, since December 2020 deaths from COVID-19 in the United States have tripled.

The lack of a coordinated national health plan, the chaotic approach to for-profit testing, and the development and distribution of company-controlled vaccines continue to have a devastating impact in the United States and much of the world. world.

By comparison, in a country of 1.4 billion people, China has managed to decisively break the chain of infection whenever there has been an outbreak of the virus or the emergence of a new variant. .

But rather than investigate how China was able to control the virus internally and provide global assistance, the United States has stepped up its virulent anti-China propaganda.

Omicron – not the main danger

On November 24, South Africa announced that it had identified a new, highly contagious variant dubbed “omicron”.

Rather than set up a rapid genomic testing system, President Joe Biden has blocked all travel from South Africa. Yet the omicron variant was quickly identified throughout Europe and in countries bordering the United States.

Globally, scientists are testing millions of samples of the coronavirus to detect new mutations, to follow the evolution of the virus and the speed at which it is spreading. Instead of this scientific approach, racist US officials accused an African country of discovering the new variant, just as they blamed China for alerting the world first to the emergence of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the process of genomic variant testing in the United States is slower, much more sporadic, and completely uncoordinated. CDC The sequencing process takes 10 days after receipt of a sample. Some states take a month to complete testing.

Two weeks after South Africa’s announcement, the New York Times finally reported on December 6 that the variant was spreading in the United States before South Africa’s announcement. The omicron variant was not detected due to slow and uncoordinated testing in the US convention One Manhattan of 53,000 people was a super-spreader.

Despite warnings about the spread of wildfires from the new omicron variant, no new national shutdowns or emergency restrictions in the United States have been announced. Vacation travel continues unabated. Deaths in the United States remain a shocking 1,300 per day and are expected to rise sharply. ( mu2wfbvw)

The new omicron mutation spreads faster than the Delta variant, which has spread faster than the coronavirus two years ago. In Britain, on December 1, only 32 cases of omicron were identified. On December 13, the British Minister for Health, Sajid Javid, estimated the number of daily infections at 200,000, most of them in omicron. In a few days, the infections will exceed 1 millions a day. ( And 2 millions per day At the end of the month is the mNew prediction for Great Britain. (

For-profit healthcare is a killer

The only strategy of corporate media, competing politicians and lack of coordinationhe national, state and municipal bureaucracies are convincing a very alienated and suspicious population that vaccines will end this deadly scourge. Resorting to public service announcements and warrants will not solve the lack of coordinated health care infrastructure in the United States, which ranks last in the percentage of fully immunized people behind other developed economies in the G7 – Large -Brittany, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. (

More damning is that the United States ranks 44th in the list of countries for the percentage of people vaccinated. According to the CDC, as of December 2, only 197.8 million people, or 59.6% of the total United States population, had been fully immunized. (

Deaths were preventable

Extreme inequalities in health insurance coverage in the United States are linked to the spread of the virus and its deadly impact. Racial disparities in health, including access to care, have resulted in disproportionate deaths in communities of color. There are still shortages of necessary medical supplies and treatment – the United States has only half of the per capita hospital beds of other developed economies.

A citizen public report from March 16, 2021 detailed how “Medicare for All” could have prevented hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of infections. The report found that a third of deaths from COVID-19 and 40% of infections were linked to a lack of insurance.

Of the 25 richest countries, the United States alone has failed to provide universal health care. Even before the pandemic, tens of thousands of lives were lost each year to for-profit healthcare. Far more people – especially people of color – die of chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or cancer than people living in other such wealthy countries with universal health systems.

COVAX does not keep its promises

COVAX – an ambitious global collaboration set up at the start of the pandemic to give people in rich and poor countries equitable access to vaccines – has failed to deliver on many promises. As new, more contagious forms of the virus spread even faster, this gap is a global danger. The World Health Organization project was set up to keep vaccine profits and vaccine patents in the hands of private companies by committing to distribute vaccines for free or at a lower price to poor countries. .

COVAX’s glowing promises of 2 billion doses of vaccine simply never happened. US companies and agencies have delivered less than 300,000 doses; 98% of people in low-income countries are still not vaccinated. COVAX has contributed less than 5% of all vaccines administered worldwide.

China alone has directly supplied more than 2 billion vaccines to countries in the South. Much more important is that China is providing the information, raw materials and technology so that countries can start manufacturing their own vaccines. Cuba, which has developed its own vaccines, is also distributing hundreds of thousands of doses to low-income countries, especially those targeted by US sanctions, like Venezuela and Iran.

Predictions and warnings ignored

These intractable American flare-ups were explained in a book published a year ago. It is time to reconsider its conclusions. “Capitalism on a Fan – The Impact of COVID-19 in China and the United States,” a unique anthology of 50 progressive commentators – written even before vaccines were rolled out – explained why vaccines alone won’t could not solve the growing death rate of COVID-19 in the us

Information in “Capitalism on a Fan,” which documented the impact of COVID-19 in China and the United States, has been suppressed in the United States from distribution channels and capitalist media networks.

The anthology was put together to expose how the pandemic health crisis resulted from a for-profit system that will never provide health to the workers and the oppressed. This collection graphically depicted the chaos of schools and offices that closed overnight. Hospital intensive care units were overflowing, refrigerated trailers became makeshift morgues, and states were battling for protective gear and high-tech ventilators.

Two social systems, two different outcomes of COVID-19

A different social system than the United States exists in some of the countries that are successfully managing and controlling the spread of the COVID-19 virus – countries like China, Cuba and Vietnam.

“Capitalism on a Ventilator” assesses these two social systems, both facing a medical crisis: vsapitalism, where everything is dictated by the needs of finance capital; and socialism, which organizes society by prioritizing the needs of the people.

China’s approach is only possible in a country that is highly organized to prioritize human needs – valuing people over profits.

In Western media, China’s approach is portrayed as a top-down oppressive regime by the state. In reality, China’s systematic plan to control the pandemic was a collaboration between the state and hundreds of thousands of volunteer citizens.

“Capitalism on a fan” is essential to understand how capitalism as an economic system is pushed to prioritize profits and let people, including the most vulnerable, die, while socialist planning can meet the needs and save the lives of people in a country, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

The China-US Solidarity Network and the International Action Center are responsible for the publication of this anthology.

“Capitalism on a Fan” has been translated into Chinese and will soon be available in print in China. The book is available in English online at Kobo: and World View Forum: