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Nuvo Group Ltd. (“Nuvo”) is committed to reinventing pregnancy care for the 21st century through new AI technologies, tools and practices for providers and pregnant women, including the INVU by Nuvo™ platform, an approved platform FDA-initiated and prescription-initiated remote pregnancy monitoring and management system. Nuvo is pleased to have Saudi Excellence Co Holding as a strategic partnership agreement to be entered into with relevant Health-Tech entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The INVU™ Sensor Strip makes it possible today to provide remote non-stress testing and maternal and fetal heart rate monitoring while paving the way for new data-driven, personalized pathways that Nuvo believes will help improve health outcomes for all women in the future. The technology and patent heritage that underpins the INVU platform has received a number of industry accolades, including Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech (2021), CB Insights’ Digital Health 150 (2020) and MedTech Innovator’s Top 50 MedTech Startups (2021), as well as multiple grants from some of the world’s leading academic medical centers and scientific organizations. Nuvo is led by a diverse team of experienced business and medical professionals, dedicated data engineers, software designers and proud parents who embrace a collective mission to give every life a better start.


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