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Start of construction of seven new hospitals in French Guiana

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony has announced that the Government of Guyana is moving forward with the construction of seven additional hospitals to provide quality health care to all parts of the country.

He said the mobilization phase of construction is complete.

“We have already handed over the land to the contractor [for the 256-bed Paediatric and Maternal Pediatric Hospital in Ogle].” This is the Austrian company known as VAMED, and very soon you will see the preparation of the site,” explained Dr Anthony.

“They have also engaged the Ministry of Health and its technical team to finalize the design of the hospital, and foundation work will begin soon.”

Contractors have already started site preparation for the construction of hospitals in Regions 2 and 3.

The Region 3 Hospital will be built in De Kinderen and will provide adequate medical care to the citizens of the Parika-Tuschen region, which has seen a large increase in population.

Little Diamond, on the eastern shore of Demerara, and Enmore, on the eastern shore of Demerara, are each building a new hospital in Region 4.

“Similarly, at Bath Settlement and Number 75 Village, we have prepared the sites and will soon hand over the Bath Settlement site to the contractor, as we have already done for Number 75 Village.”

In all regions, the healthcare industry will continue to experience tremendous growth in infrastructure and human resources, he said.