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Hello, Health Tech enthusiasts. This is almost Friday.

Situational awareness: Apple has released what reads like a book report on its health efforts, with an introduction from COO Jeff Williams.

  • “We intend to stay on this path,” he writes, “because nothing matters anymore.”

CB Insights; Graphic: Simran Parwani/Axios

Despite digital health burst bubble, leading companies such as Insight Partners are just doubling down on the sector according to a new report from CB Insights, Erin writes.

Why is this important: Digital health funding levels hit their lowest level since 2020 in Q2’22, so taking a look at who continued to invest this quarter reveals some of the most committed players in the industry.

  • “While the overall rollout has slowed, we are still very active,” said Scott Barclay, managing director of healthcare at Insight Partners. says Erin. “We are definitely writing checks.”

Driving the news: In the words of Barclay: “FOMO is out. The confidence is in it.

  • That means less overall investment activity and more betting on empathetic, experience-driven founders with whom Barclay and other partners in the business can build trusting relationships, he says.

Details: Insight Partners backed nine digital health companies in Q2’22, including:

  • Behavioral health tech startup Clarify Health, which this quarter raised $150 million in Series D funds.
  • Medical imaging company, which raised $100 million in Series D funding in the second quarter.
  • Clinical trial startups Unlearn, which this quarter raised $50 million in Series B funds, and Florence Healthcare, which raised $27 million in Series C funds in the second quarter.
  • Fertility tech startup AiVF, which in Q2 raised $25 million in Series A funding.

Be smart: Investing in healthcare is not new to Insight Partners.

  • The company made its first bet in the space in 2000 on RxCentric, a developer of online marketing tools for pharmaceutical companies. (It was acquired in 2003 by Physicians Interactive, FKA Allscripts Healthcare Solutions.)

Yes and: Insight Partners began accelerating its health technology bets towards the end of 2021, with investments in companies such as…

  • Rhyme (FKA PriorAuthNow), a healthcare tech startup focused on streamlining treatment approvals for which it led a $25 million round in February.
  • Kintsugi, a telemental health start-up using voice biomarkers to detect signs of depression and anxiety.
  • Iterative Scopes, a company using AI to develop precision tools for gastroenterology.

What they say : Despite market volatility, health care accounts for a significant portion of the country’s GDP — and it’s not going away anytime soon, Barclay says.

  • “The problem is a moral imperative,” Barclay says. “We need to invest early to build the future we want our children and grandchildren to have.”

And although there are dozens similar digital health companies that have yet to differentiate themselves, Barclay says there’s still a ton of opportunity in the sector.

  • “The area over which we must completely rebuild or unlock broken markets in health care is huge,” he says. “It’s global and it’s in all disease states.”