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A company that helps communicate important information to children undergoing medical treatment has seen its technology installed in hospitals around the world.

The Xploro system was launched in 2020 by Preston-based entrepreneur Dom Raban following his own experiences with his daughter undergoing cancer treatment.

He developed the technology after realizing that the doctors often directed their information to parents, dismissing children who received often frightening and painful treatments.

Drawing on its past A designer leading digital and creative agencies, he began developing the tablet-based system to provide children with age-appropriate information about their conditions and treatments.

With support from the Department for International Trade, adoption of Xploro has spread beyond UK hospitals to Spain, Singapore and the US, including the prestigious Boston Children’s Hospital.

One of the main barriers to international growth was the translation needed to make the product suitable for foreign users. International Business Advisor Jenny Mooney worked with Dom to access the Internationalization Fund, a co-investment grant scheme initiated and supported by DIT and supported by the European Regional Development Fund. It provided a matching grant of £9,000 to cover translation costs into American English and Latin American Spanish.

These translations also allowed xploro to gain support from KidsX, an American pediatric care accelerator that brings together top children’s hospitals and digital health companies to build, test, and deploy software solutions to improve pediatric care.

Dom said, “Collaborating with KidsX will allow us to gain faster and wider acceptance in the United States. We designed the software to be easily localized into different languages. platform to include more treatments.

Xploro, which was born with Dom as the sole employee, now employs a team of ten which will grow to 25 by the end of the year. Healthcare UK, the healthcare arm of DIT, has ranked the company in the top 100 healthcare start-ups for export

Dom added: “DIT’s support has been crucial in gaining wider international acceptance of xploro. We will continue to use their expertise and extensive international network of contacts to grow the business.

“Our long-term vision is to build a system for any patient, with any condition, anywhere in the world. We will continue to develop the system for global use and will continue to benefit from the support and expertise of DIT’s international business experts.”