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Providing gender-affirming care via telemedicine, a Colorado-based health tech startup founded by a transgender doctor has raised millions of dollars in funding from investors. Denver’s Plume has raised $24 million in Series B, or second round, funding to expand its virtual platform to transgender patients across the country.

For $99, Plume allows users to use its platform. The company, in a press release, said the new funding would allow it to expand to all 50 states by early next year by connecting its members with doctors who can prescribe hormone replacement therapy claiming the sex.

The services offered by the program are gender-affirming health care, including consultations, lab tests, support groups, letters of support for surgeries and name and gender marker changes, and delivery of medicines and prescriptions. According to Plume, gender-affirming care is now available to everyone without the need to visit a doctor’s office, eliminating these barriers.

The company plans to expand nationwide, enter the virtual primary care market, and expand insurance coverage with funds raised from the investment. It’s written Feather can now provide care in 42 from the continental United Stateswith access to over 90% of the trans population.

“As a trans woman and a physician, I created Plume to provide a supportive space for trans Americans as they navigate our country’s broken healthcare system,” said Plume co-founder and chief medical officer, the Dr. Jerrica Kirkley, in a press release. “With today’s announcement, we are well on our way to achieving our goal of increasing access to high-quality, gender-affirming care for patients across the United States, both in urban areas and cover deserts.”

Kirkley continued, “Knowing the barriers transamericans face when accessing care, I am encouraged to reach this milestone and look forward to Plume’s growth in the future. I want to thank Transformation Capital, General Catalyst and Town Hall Ventures for their partnership in transforming healthcare for every trans life.

In 2021, thinking about her thoughts on Transgender Awareness Day, Kirkley wrote in the lawyer, “As a patient and medical provider, I have seen this acutely reflected in our health care system and I think we are at a critical juncture when it comes to systemic change and trans visibility more widely.”

Plume does not provide services to cisgender people or anyone under the age of 18 or 19 in Nebraska or Alabama, according to a statement on the company’s website.