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London-based health tech startup Aide Health has raised $1.2m (about £1m) in pre-seed funding led by Hambro Perks through its EIS fund, with participation from Fuel Ventures, 1818 Ventures and APX.

Launched by co-founders Ian Wharton, CEO, and Brian Snyder, COO, Aide is a digital platform that helps patients and their clinicians better understand and manage long-term health conditions, currently affecting more than 26 million people. United Kingdom.

In 50% of cases, people find it difficult to follow the treatment prescribed by their clinician, which reduces their quality of life and puts additional pressure on health service resources.

Aide provides clinicians with a platform to remotely create and monitor health plans for people with chronic conditions, coupled with a mobile app for the patient to act as a co-pilot throughout their care.

Using “natural language”, Aide has short daily conversations to aid in day-to-day management of health issues through medication optimization, structured follow-up and structured education.

The service is currently used by the NHS, with a pilot project launched earlier this year to support people aged 18 to 75 with asthma or type 2 diabetes. Aide has the specific aim of addressing the growing challenge of comorbidity and will soon launch pathways for hypertension and chronic pain.

Ian Wharton, co-founder and CEO of Aide Health, said: “Like many people, I know firsthand the frustrations of trying to manage long-term conditions.

“Our goal is to give patients and clinicians the tools and information they need to have better conversations and make more informed treatment decisions together. The NHS England pilot project is our first step towards making Help available to all people with chronic conditions.

Nicholas Sharp, Head of Hambro Perks Growth EIS Fund, added: “Ian and Brian’s vision and experience impressed us from the start, and we believe Aide Health has the potential to be a hugely important tool. for clinicians and patients for long-term management. term health conditions.

“Hambro Perks has a long history of supporting health technology companies as part of our goal to invest in companies that make the world a better place. Aide Santé and Ian’s team were therefore an obvious choice for us, and we look forward to supporting them on their growth journey.

By Matthew Neville – Correspondent, Bdaily

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