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Dr Chaturica Athukorala, co-founder and CEO (right) Christopher Skene, co-founder and CTO (left) Photo credit: Tracey Murray Photography

Cloud-based medical imaging storage, visualization and collaboration platform for doctors and patients, Aurabox, has been announced as Start-Up of the Year at the 2022 Australian Information Industry National iAwards Association (AIIA).

Other iAwards winners include Pivot Maritime International, which won Business & Industry Solutions of the Year for its platform that will support business and IT transformation.

Perth-based startup Neurotologix has won Nonprofit and Community Solution of the Year for its remote patient monitor used to diagnose dizziness and vertigo.

The AIIA iAwards are Australia’s longest running innovation recognition programme.

Aurabox Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Chaturica Athukorala says SmartCompany recognition has given the Canberra-based startup “an opportunity to look back on the last 16 months and celebrate all that we have achieved”.

“We are thrilled to be recognized nationally as a company and product that is making a difference in our community, which is what Aurabox is.

“The future of Aurabox is driven by a desire to make it easier for physicians to work together to optimize patient outcomes. We bring the powerful tools we have to collect and share patient imagery onto a single platform. -shape and transfer them to the corporate healthcare space, making them available to the entire healthcare team.

Co-founder and CTO Christopher Skene said Aurabox will be a data platform for medical imaging in the future.

“Right now, Aurabox is making really tangible improvements for specialists and healthcare teams, but going forward, Aurabox will be the data platform for medical imaging. Whatever your reason for using imaging, Aurabox will allow you to break down imaging silos and achieve real healthcare outcomes,” he said.

“We tend to think in Australia that innovation only happens in products that have a physical component, and our industry support tends to align with that, but most of the issues in healthcare health are related to processes or efficiency. Startups that can deliver real process results that improve the working lives of healthcare professionals will have the greatest impacts. »

Dr. Athukorala says his advice to people who are thinking of developing or are in the process of creating their own startup is to start a conversation.

“Australian startups are a valuable source of innovation. Especially in the healthcare sector, where there are a large number of challenges, they are an underutilized way to develop innovative solutions,” she said.

“This sector is going to require a lot of investment, but ironically it’s probably the most ready it’s ever been for startups – especially health tech – to make an impact. There is a unique opportunity to meet the specific needs of end users and have the greatest impact possible.

“Talk to people outside of your subject matter expertise, you never know where a conversation might lead – for Aurabox it was in the playground picking up from school.

“Building a good team is essential. The most important thing is to have a team of people who are as passionate about your business and your goals as you are.