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Pune September 12, 2022: Noida-based healthcare start-up, FirstCure Health, is now expanding its operations to Pune. This unique healthcare start-up is dedicated to simplifying the patient journey by providing the right doctor and the right treatment at the right price in a hospital close to the patient while managing the entire process, including logistics and paperwork for the patient. It provides elective surgeries with sophisticated methods usually available in large hospital chains, even outside of them, at a lower cost, making them more accessible and affordable. Then on the anvil are plans to deliver a better experience and high medical quality standards at reduced prices to patients in Hyderabad and Bangalore. This startup is founded by Nikhil Bansal, Chartered Accountant and Harvard Business School alumnus.

“Our mission is to play a significant role in India’s healthcare revolution. Over the next 5 years, by becoming a firmly established brand for quality, accessible and affordable minimally invasive surgeries for the masses close to home, we aim to institutionalize the unorganized and fragmented healthcare facilities in the hospitals of medium/small size which currently constitute 80-90% of care in India. In the process, we see ourselves:

Become a comprehensive healthcare provider (providing not only elective procedures but also preventive healthcare and home care) with presence in all major cities and Tier 2 cities in India.

Make a difference in the surgical journey of thousands of patients by providing a single, high quality, hassle-free solution at lower cost and with better results

· modernize several hundred hospitals by enabling modernization and better utilization of their facilities,” said Nikhil Bansal, Founder of FirstCure Health.

“In Pune, we have already integrated 16 doctors and 10 hospitals to provide treatment related to proctology, laparoscopy and urology, which we are going to expand to 40 doctors and 18 hospitals to expand our services to treatment related to gynecology, orthopedics and ophthalmology. soon. We plan to connect with over 2,000 users and perform over 100 surgeries per month in the coming times,” he added.

FirstCure Health was launched in Bhopal in December 2021. The startup now has over 70 specialist surgeons, over 50 hospitals and clinics offering over 40 different types of treatments across New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Pune and Bhopal. A strong network chain built in collaboration with leading hospitals, with the intention of providing accessible and standardized treatment at an affordable cost.