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Indian health technology company working in the field of Digital therapeutics announced the raising of $12 million (approximately Rs 96 crore) in a Series A funding led by Amazon Smbhav Venture Funds and Fireside Ventures. According to the company, this is Amazon Smbhav Venture Fund’s first investment in health technology in India.

Co-investors in this round include 9 Unicorns, Venture Catalysts and 4point0 Health Ventures founder Nihar Parikh and molbio founder Sriram Natarajan. The company said the funding will be used to expand reach, improve branding and improve the technology stack.

“We want to bring our clinically proven diabetes and weight management system to the people who need it most. This funding will help us strengthen our research, launch new verticals in heart health, and grow our customer base by reaching people with diabetes as well as physicians and management organizations. chronic illnesses,” fly-fly CEO and co-founder Arbinder Singal said in the statement.

Fitterfly claims to have managed over 20,000 patients so far through a 360 degree care approach and clinically prescribed therapy by over 200 doctors across India. He said the program resulted in a 1.5% reduction in HbA1c on average, which is comparable to the reduction seen with oral diabetes medications.

While a significant number of people in the early stages of the disease were able to achieve complete reversal, those in later stages were able to reduce their reliance on medication, achieve better blood sugar control and avoid complications, the statement said.

“We launched the $250 million Amazon Smbhav Venture Fund in April last year to invest in start-up entrepreneurs and tech start-ups. Led by Arbinder Singal and Shailesh Gupta, the Fitterfly team is doing inspiring work to create clinically validated digital therapeutic solutions. We are excited about their mission to use technology to solve some of India’s most prevalent health issues like diabetes, obesity and heart disease,” said Amazon Sambhav Venture Fund.