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With software houses and incubators constantly growing, many new tech startups have sprung up, giving them the opportunity to rise up and be successful. One of those health tech startups, Healthwire, has raised $ 3.3 million in funding. As the name suggests, Healthwire is a healthcare technology startup that provides horizontally integrated healthcare services in Pakistan. Founded by Hamza Iqbal, the main goal of the company was to provide affordable health services in inaccessible areas in Pakistan.

Health tech startup aims to expand services with this funding

The idea for the company attracted many local and international investors. Almost 47 companies participated in the round, including Habib Bank Limited, Dilsons Private Limited and angel investors from Silicon Valley were big names. 2021 saw ripe years for funding as Pakistani companies received record funding this year. Without a doubt, this year was a turning point for Pakistani startups, as total revenues exceeded $ 300 million, six times the funding for 2020.

There is no doubt that the basic idea behind this app is well planned since it wants to connect doctors and patients via IT, using the app as a medium. While recounting the actual performance of the app, Muhammad Nabeel, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Healthwire, said:

“Patient-physician interaction is the focal point of the entire healthcare ecosystem. By having this interaction on our health technology platform, we can ensure that quality health care is accessible to patients in the most remote areas of the country. The economies of scale of the technology platform allow us to ensure that this access is affordable and inclusive. “

With this funding, Healthware will expand its services in Pakistan and make it one of the largest applications providing extraordinary services in the country.

There is no doubt that the digital health ecosystem will shape the future of healthcare technology and more people will rely on online advice instead of going to hospitals. Apart from that, there are many areas that do not have health care facilities, forcing people to travel to cities, which not only takes time but also becomes expensive. These apps can help them get advice from the comfort of their own homes.

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