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Resolute is a subscription product. /Srinivasa Vivek – Co-founder- at Resolute Active Care. | Acute care resolved

Pytheos Health, the health technology startup, which announced the launch of Resolute, an integrated digital health and wellness service offering seamless virtual care, precision wellness and physician-led programs for the whole family in January. Resolute is a subscription product and through its acute care vertical, the health technology company aims to deliver hyper-personalized virtual care subscription services by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and technology. technology supported human care team.

The startup has raised around $1 million so far and plans to raise a pre-Series A round soon.

In an email interview, Srinivas Vivek, co-founder of Resolute, shared his vision for Resolute:

What is the mission behind launching Resolute?

Resolute’s mission is to unlock everyone’s health potential. Resolute is an integrated digital health and wellness service spanning precision wellness, seamless virtual care, and digital therapies for families. Resolute offers hyper-personalized health and wellness journeys that are intuitive, always-on, holistic, and results-driven through the “Whole of Me” approach.

The company was founded by Srinivas Vivek, Muruganandam and Vignesh Babu, who connected on the common interest in healthcare and wish to improve the healthcare industry with innovative solutions through the help of advanced technologies . The team worked to build the core team with medical advisors, technology specialists, artificial intelligence engineers, customer experience specialists, and more.

We’ve onboarded over 400 families and over 10 businesses for Resolute. We were also able to demonstrate health and wellness results

How it works?

We offer hyper-personalized virtual care subscription services by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and technology-supported human care team.

What is the USP of Resolute? How do you differentiate yourself from your competition?

There are levers we can pull for health besides a prescription for medication, a diagnostic test, and a visit to the doctor. This includes optimizing nutrition levels, improving sleep and recovery, personalized workouts, stress regulation, preventative follow-ups, ongoing health monitoring, and more. and this unlocks our full health potential. Resolute is the first digital health platform that combines personalized care and wellness into one integrative consumer journey.

What are the business opportunities in the healthcare sector, particularly in the Indian context? How do you see market growth and response in a post-COVID world?

There are few fundamental changes. The home becomes an entry point for care and most low-acuity care will be moved to the home. Consumers are embracing virtual and remote health monitoring services during COVID and it continues to accelerate even though there was a post-lockdown decline.

Where do you see Resolute in the next 3-5 years?

We want to work with millions of families as a virtual primary care and wellness partner. We have a two-pronged GTM movement – ​​one aimed directly at consumers and the other at businesses. We use a variety of distribution channels, including social, B2B, etc.

All of our virtual services including Acute Care and Precision Wellness are available across India. Our home diagnostic capability is available in 50 major Indian cities.

We are in the early discussions of using the Resolute digital health platform for Pharma around remote health monitoring and virtual trials.

Expansion plans?

We serve all major cities in India such as Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. We are adding physician-led programs including cholesterol optimization, gut health, metabolic health, and more, which are our new line of digital therapy services.

Resolute has so far raised around $1 million.

Funds are invested in product capabilities and service expansion. We aspire to propel millions of care journeys in the coming quarters.