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What you should know:

– A team of serial health tech entrepreneurs who sold their EHR mobile app to athenahealth announced the launch of ed Fold Health, the first interoperable digital health technology stack for primary care.

– Fold Health closed a $6 million round of former athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush, SkyFlow CEO Anshu Sharma, Saama Technologies CEO Vivek Sharma with General Catalyst’s Anand Chandrasekharan, Iron Pillar’s Mohanjit Jolly, Firebolt Ventures’ Gokul Rajaram, and more

The first digital health stack transforming primary care

Primary care physicians (PCPs) spend an average of 36 minutes on administrative work per patient, about double the time of an average 18-minute visit. These workflow inefficiencies have led to the burnout that nearly 80% of PCPs report experiencing, contributing to the national PCP shortage.

Fold Health provides intelligent automations to improve patient engagement and reduce repetitive administrative tasks to help primary care practices focus on better patient outcomes. Designed with physicians, Fold Health has created a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind operating system to help primary care practices maximize existing investments in people, resources, and technology.

Fold Health’s modular operating system can be layered over existing EHRs, membership management systems, billing platforms, and more to enable a seamless experience that can reduce administration time by 60%.

“Existing fragmented systems were built decades ago to enable in-person health care, not ongoing proactive and preventative care. With all the technology being modernized for today’s environment, the time primary care physicians spend entering the same information into different systems has created a burden that makes it difficult for their patients to fulfill their Hippocratic oath. said Ram Sahasranam, Co-founder of Fold Health.

Primary care physicians around the world are hailing this as an innovative breakthrough addressing one of the most tedious and mundane aspects of their daily routine.

“As a direct primary care physician, I have first-hand experience of the issues Fold Health aims to address, which is why I worked hand-in-hand with the founders to ensure that the pain points I ‘ai on the backend of my practice, which comes from tinkering with various point solutions, is slimmed down with the addition of the platform, which consolidates my existing systems into one easy-to-use interface,” said Dr. Ben Aiken , family physician at Lantern Health and vice president of Health at Decent.