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Health tech startup MediBuddy has acquired Clinix, a telehealth platform focused on providing e-health services in rural India, for an undisclosed amount.

Founded in 2020, Clinix has an Android mobile application to book medical consultations online. Its network covers 20 Tier 3 and 4 cities where it has also set up kiosks that help patients access online consultations.


According to a press release, MediBuddy’s acquisition of Clinix will help it expand its operations and expand its coverage in underserved areas of India.

Clinix’s network complements MediBuddy’s existing network of more than 90,000 physicians, 7,000 hospitals, 3,000 diagnostic centers and 2,500 pharmacies. Its integrated health ecosystem offers lab test booking, online medical consultations and drug delivery. Moreover, its services are provided in 16 Indian languages ​​to enable seamless access to patients from lower tier cities.


India faces a shortage of medical professionals, as evidenced by a below-average doctor-to-population ratio of 1:1,456 (compared to the World Health Organization‘s standard of 1:1,000 ). It even has a lower ratio in rural areas given an skewed distribution of doctors working in urban and rural areas.

“MediBuddy’s cutting-edge technology and extensive network will greatly help us reach a wider population spectrum and bridge the urban-rural divide in terms of quality healthcare solutions,” said Clinix CEO and Co-Founder. , Aravind Dhulipala.


This acquisition follows a Series C funding round in February where MediBuddy raised $125 million to build its data science capabilities and fund its clinical research.

Friend Indian health technology company, Pristyn Care, also made a recent acquisition. In June, it bought mobile health platform Lybrate as part of its primary care expansion. Since 2018, Pristyn Care has been offering secondary care surgeries through its network of in-house specialist surgeons and hospitals in over 40 cities in India.


“Clinix has a broad presence in rural areas and with our network and infra-technology support, we aim to further expand our reach and services and achieve our goal of covering a large portion of the population, which has limited access. to quality healthcare solutions,” commented MediBuddy CEO and Co-Founder Satish Kannan.