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Brazil’s health ministry is experiencing a coronavirus outbreak at its headquarters, officials say The Brazilian report. Supervisors have told infected workers they should continue to report to work, even those with flu-like symptoms.

“Use a face mask and keep social distancing. If you feel like you can work, then you can go to the office,” a manager told a female employee, who said she had a sore throat and severe headache. two common symptoms in patients who contract the Omicron variant. The same employee says that two of her colleagues showed up to work despite coughing and only tested themselves after a full day at the office. Both tested positive.

“The ministry does not pay us to take private tests and has given no guidance on what to do if there is a suspicion of infection,” she said. The Brazilian report. “It’s every man for himself.” The Health Ministry did not respond to a request for information.

This is not the first time the government has faced an increase in the number of cases at its facilities. At the start of the pandemic, employees complained that they were forced not to wear face masks. In July 2020, many government buildings were considered Covid hotspots.

Omicron Spread

The seven-day average of new daily coronavirus cases in Brazil rose from 3,156 over Christmas to 33,146 on January 9 – on par with July 2021 levels. A mathematical model from the University of Washington estimates that Brazil could reach 1.3 million new daily cases by next month – which would be four times higher than the worst peaks of the pandemic in Brazil.

On Monday, the Ministry of Health launched a campaign for self-testing kits to be allowed to be used in Brazil. Self-testing is not allowed in Brazil for any infectious disease that must be reported to the authorities.