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HealthBeacon and HasHealth have both struck deals with US and UK pharmacies that will see their technology reach more patients.

Days after listing on a US market, Dublin medtech HealthBeacon has reached an agreement with the American Pharmacists Association Foundation (AphA) that will see its technology deployed in US pharmacies.

Founded in 2013 by Jim Joyce and Kieran Daly, HealthBeacon is a digital therapy company that has built an injection care management system. This aims to help patients manage injectable medications, adhere to treatment schedules and safely dispose of used sharps.

Last week, the Irish company began trading in the US on the OTCQX market, making it easier for US investors to trade its shares.

In December, the medtech went public on the growing Euronext market in Dublin. This follows a multimillion-dollar North American deal in June 2021 and a funding round in late September that raised €6m.

The latest commercial partnership with the APhA will allow patients to access better medication use support through an integrated pharmacist offering with HealthBeacon’s injection care management system in community pharmacies across the United States.

Starting this month, U.S. pharmacies will be able to offer the company’s technology to patients taking injectable medications, supporting HealthBeacon’s goal of reaching 100,000 patients using its technology by the first quarter of 2024.

Joyce, who is CEO of HealthBeacon, said the community pharmacy framework is “a great place for patients to access innovative pharmacist-delivered medication adherence support and tools.”

“Today, half of all patients are not using medications as prescribed, costing healthcare systems billions in avoidable costs and patients with their underlying health conditions. Together [with APhA] we have developed an offer of cutting-edge technologies and services to meet this challenge,” he said.

“We believe this is a positive step in making our technology more accessible to patients across the United States and will provide us with a model to deploy in other markets in the future.”

The APhA Foundation is a nonprofit organization affiliated with the American Pharmacists Association, the national professional association for pharmacists in the United States. It has developed a new membership service called THERxAPYTM, which will integrate with HealthBeacon’s technology.

“The evidence base supporting the role of the pharmacist in improving medication adherence through team-based, patient-centered care services is strong and continues to grow,” said Benjamin Bluml, Executive Director of the Foundation. APhA and Senior Vice President of Research and Innovation.

“The APhA Foundation’s research and innovation…aims to create a new system of medicine use where patients, pharmacists, physicians and other healthcare professionals collaborate interprofessionally to improve cost-effectiveness and quality of patient health outcomes.”

HasHealth wins six-figure UK contract

Meanwhile, another Irish health tech start-up, HasHealth, has struck a six-figure deal with one of the UK’s biggest pharmacy chains to provide an online booking system and facilitate patient access to health care.

The agreement with Rowlands Pharmacy will see HasHealth become the online booking provider of clinical services at nearly 6,000 UK pharmacies.

HasHealth is part of Medihive, formerly known as Webdoctor. It is an Irish healthcare software company that provides a reservation system, waiting list functionality, medical screening questionnaires and resource management capabilities to improve daily workflows and patient experiences.

“Rowlands Pharmacy has done an incredible job during the pandemic; we believe the industry is uniquely positioned to provide frontline support to patients with a variety of chronic conditions and help patients stay healthy,” said Medihive CEO David Crimmins.

“Freeing up time for pharmacists, allowing them to expand their role in the community while improving the efficiency of the patient journey, is critical,” added Olan O’Sullivan, chief growth officer at HasHealth.

“HasHealth achieves this by automating patient communication and clinical data entry, giving pharmacists up to 20 hours of feedback per week. »

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