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NAIROBI, Kenya October 5 – The Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) and health sector unions have urged Parliament to strike down the Bill to amend the Health Bill, 2021, saying it poses a threat to the health sector.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, KMPDU officials said the bill seeks to interfere with the independence of the health sector and prevent it from self-regulating.

KMPDU General Secretary Dr Davji Atellah called the bill an attempt to capture essential services, saying removing professionals from boards and commissions would result in the loss of existing regulations if the bill passed. .

He added that the bill also abolished the management frameworks of health facilities and replaced them with non-professionals.

“Very soon we will have hospitals and various facilities run and managed by non-medical professionals and in this regard the technical know-how and operation of these facilities will be lost,” he said.

Atellah added that the bill provides for board and board members to be directly appointed by the cabinet secretary responsible for health services, saying the provision will result in the appointment of politicians rather than professionals.

“As professionals, we believe that peer to peer regulation is subject to a national process and must be well observed in our country so that we can obtain quality services for each institution and at all levels,” he said. -he declares.

The KMPDU general secretary added that any recommendations the union made to the House health committee after the first reading had not been reflected in the final second reading draft.

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Atellah called on all Kenyans to oppose what he called state capture of essential services

Peterson Wachira, chairman of the Kenya Union of Clinical Officers, said only members of parliament will save the country from the “tragedy” about to befall the health sector with the passage of the bill.

He accused the government of being on a mission to undermine healthcare workers since the coronavirus outbreak in the country in March 2020.

“Now they want to get into the regulations that guarantee the quality of the products we have, the quality of the doctors, and they want to replace technical professionals with political appointments.

The unions have said the majority in the regulatory body, which regulates training and practice, will come from people who do not understand what medical professionals do. The consequence of this is that we are going to have half-baked doctors and also reduce the quality of services in health facilities, ”he said.

Wachira further said that the health amendment bill would prevent the achievement of the ambitious universal health coverage (UHC) program in the country, adding that the quality of service is one of the pillars that make up UHC.

“We are here to ask parliamentarians that the bill to amend the health laws of 2021 deserves only one action and that is rejection and rejection altogether, so that we can go back and with consultations, we can come up with a bill that is progressive and a bill that will work for Wanjiku, ”he added.

He warned that if the bill passed, they would be forced to rally their members not to subscribe or renew licenses or register with these bodies and the council, saying they would be organizations of state regulations.

Dr Tim Theuri, president of the dental associations of Kenya, who also spoke, said there had been a systemic and very well calculated movement that medical professionals are not recognized and are not allowed to do their work in the country.

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He said the health bill does not distinguish between regulatory and management bodies such as NHIF and KEMSA, which will affect health services.

“Self-regulation is thrown out the door. Yet it is the strongest thing we have as professionals to ensure that the quality of health care Kenyans receive is the highest. At the moment, we have fewer professionals than that is thrown out the door, ”he added.

Another official, Cliff Randa of the Laboratory Union, called on MPs to listen to professionals, adding that they were ready to talk to get along and provide quality services to Kenyans.