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Thanks to this partnership, patients insured by COMIN can benefit from Online Consultation Coverage on the DRAPP, all specialties combined.

Founded in 2019 by Hady Bsat, DRAPP aims to facilitate access to healthcare specialists and doctors, providing virtual care and consultations to patients in more than 90 countries around the world.

“The doctor-patient relationship goes beyond appointments and video calls; it’s about connectivity, seamless workflow and inclusiveness of services,” Hady Bsat, Founder and CEO of DRAPP. “So, with over 100 specialties serving all conditions in a 360° approach and the rapid response features for emergency care that connect patients to GPs in less than 3 minutes, DRAPP considers this new partnership as a crucial integration to close the loop for optimal patient experience, reduced ED admissions, and treatment and patient compliance management.

COMIN, a leading insurance company serving patients directly through their platforms.

Founded in 2017 by Roger and Raphael Zaccar, Comin makes insurance simple and convenient to make it easier for customers to customize coverage. Simply put, Comin combines the products and service excellence of insurance partners with technology to create the easiest and fastest way to buy reliable insurance policies.

With a presence in 5 MENA countries, Comin’s first digital approach simplifies insurance transactions and reduces the time it takes to purchase an insurance product to less than 90 seconds!

As part of this new agreement, DRAPP and COMIN assurances aim to create an omnichannel experience, bringing doctors and patients together, providing access to better health and specialized care for each individual.”