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As the ministry indicated in a press release in which it recalls that this methodology was approved yesterday by the FDA, the agency that regulates drugs in the United States, this is how it will be carried out.Five doses from each vial that will multiply the number of beneficiaries,

The process itself involves “splitting” each dose of vaccine into five parts and injecting it between the layers of the skin (intradermal), not into the subcutaneous fat (subcutaneous), the place for which it is administered. was designed for. ,

However, the Ministry of Health is in no way empowered to approve it; The request must be made via the AEMPS, The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has the authorization for this use of the medicine.,

Vaccination of 1,504 people

So far, according to statistics from the Madrid community, they have been vaccinated in Madrid 1,504 people Against monkeypox at two authorized points, the regional vaccination center, which has been injecting doses since mid-July, and the public hospital Isabel Zendall Nursing, which has been doing so since yesterday.

Vaccination against monkeypox as pre-exposure prophylaxis is currently favored for “specific population groups, persons aged 18 to 45 who engage in high-risk sexual practices and who meet established indication criteria “. is indicated in. And, in case of administration which is done after exposure, it is indicated to close contacts identified in the epidemiological investigation.

Madrid received a total of 1,835 doses

At the end of June, Spain was the first country to receive 5,300 doses of the 109,090 monkeypox vaccines purchased by the Health Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA).

Of these, Madrid obtained 1,835 and used 1,504, so supplies are scarce. Faced with such a problem, since last May, the Ministry of Health has been asking the Ministry to have “sufficient supplies to set up this treatment for populations at risk”, specifies the Madrid Ministry of Health.

However, the distribution between the EU countries responds to the distribution key based on the population of each of them. And shipping will prioritize locations with the highest number of cases when signing a contract with the lab, which will be directly in charge of distributing doses to countries.

We will continue to report…