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The Ministry of Health, in coordination with the agencies concerned, should assess the need for booster vaccines to fight against the different variants of the coronavirus, recommended a parliamentary committee. Noting the threat posed by the new variant of COVID-19 Omicron, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs recommended that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in coordination with the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization ( NTAGI) and the National Expert Group on COVID-19 Vaccine Administration (NEGVAC) are expected to assess the need for booster doses in India to combat the different variants of the virus.

“The committee would like to know if any research has been carried out by the ICMR and other relevant institutions regarding the effectiveness of vaccines that are administered or administered in the country against various variants,” he said in a tabled report. at Lok Sabha on Friday. .

Stressing that the nature and virulence of the COVID-19 pandemic is “unpredictable,” the committee warned that vigilance and preparedness cannot be compromised at any time.

The committee recommended that the Union Home Office advise states not to cut back on COVID-19 infrastructure such as testing facilities, intensive care beds and medical oxygen, as the virus can give take place in a third wave without leaving enough time to react given its deceptive nature. nature and emergence of multiple variants.

“They should be kept in a dormant state so that they can be reactivated to deal with the next wave of a pandemic that may arise,” he recommended.

The committee also recommended strengthening the infrastructure for COVID-19 patients in light of observations from experts and epidemiologists that a possible third wave could target the unvaccinated population, especially children.

In its recommendations, the committee also called on the Ministries of the Interior and of Health to address the issue of guidelines on setting the price cap for hospital beds during the pandemic and other health emergencies. public.

“Appropriate publicity can be given to these tariffs so that people are made aware of the price of hospital beds and a monitoring mechanism can be created to curb the black market of life-saving essential drugs and the sale of drugs. hospital beds above the ceiling price ”It said.

The panel recommended that the Home Office and the Health Ministry publish authorized bulletins on COVID-19 issues through various media to avoid panic and confusion among the masses created by the different predictions. experts and epidemiologists concerning a possible third wave.