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A a member of the Kuwait Central Procurement Agency (CAPT), Engineer Mubarak Al-Banwan confirmed that the law on tenders goes in the opposite direction and that the award of tenders is done always in a traditional and stereotyped way linked to the price of the technical and financial offer only.

This came in the first in-depth interview with an Agency official, who is responsible for all state concerns, among many other important issues.

It was strange what he mentioned about the request of the Cabinet of Ministers Agency to make some changes in its law and to return the validity of the bank guarantee or the initial insurance of 180 days to the instead of the current 90 days, because the documentary cycle is slow.

Despite the merits of the request, on its face, the Agency is required to do something to reduce the ninety-day period to less than that and not to extend it, according to logic, because any delay will be paid for by public money and the citizen in the end.

In my experience, one of the problems with the Agency is that it treats the tender for the import of chairs the way it treats the tender for the import of rare drugs, often with the same rule, and it has caused a lot of suffering and loss of hundreds of millions and the waste of medicines and the loss of supplier and state rights, especially in the last two years when pharmaceutical factories stopped mass production during Corona virus and shifted to manufacturing vaccines.

The Russian-Ukrainian war also contributed to the aggravation of the situation, and the bad documentary cycle added other evils to the situation.

As a result, the Ministry of Health resorted to purchasing low-quality cancer drugs, or their expiry date was approaching, or they were sent to other countries as aid, or the Ministry resorted ways to buy good drugs through ‘drugs direct’. buy” from foreign companies and others, and paid a very high price.

The number of cancer patients is increasing every year and last year 2,200 new cases requiring very expensive new drugs were recorded.

The ministry has also provided treatment for more than 29,000 cancer cases, more than half of them non-citizens, over the past 12 years, and the number of cases is on the rise.

Note that there are good and new drugs, but they are not registered with the ministry for common administrative reasons, and this is a problem that requires a quick solution.

As part of its responsibilities, the Ministry of Health monitors prices and sets their selling price, and sometimes the price is not suitable for the supplier, so that the manufacturer withdraws the item or delays its registration and supply to other countries, which exacerbates the almost tragic health situation of many patients.

The solution to all these problems lies in a meeting between the head of the Central Public Procurement Agency and the Minister of Health, whose competence we have not seen for many years!

Note: Colleague Al-Duwailah wrote yesterday accusing some of repeatedly declaring their support for the homosexual phenomenon, and that they also called for allowing sex without a marriage contract.

Since the writer is one of the honorable members of the Brotherhood and one of the guardians of morals, it is his duty to publish the names of those whom he accuses of having explicitly violated the laws of the State .

He who keeps silent about the truth is a dumb devil and a liar.

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By Ahmad Alsarraf