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The Ministry of Health, by its decree, has expanded the list of organizations whose representatives are subject to compulsory vaccination against COVID-19, to employees of health establishments, local communities and public services.

The ministry said so in a statement, reports the Ukrainian news agency.

According to the ministerial order, for the quarantine period established by the Council of Ministers, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease, subject to compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 are the employees of:

– central executive authorities and their territorial bodies;
– local state administrations and structural divisions;
– institutions of higher, postgraduate, advanced vocational, vocational (vocational and technical), general secondary education, including special education, preschool, out-of-school, specialized educational institutions and organizations, whatever the type and the form of ownership;
– local authorities ;
health care establishments belonging to the State and to communal forms of ownership;
– public services, institutions and organizations.
“Employees of local governments, health facilities of state and communal property forms, as well as public services interact more with large numbers of people, and therefore have an increased risk of contracting coronavirus disease. Meanwhile, nine in 10 hospitalized are unvaccinated and were unprotected from the severe course of coronavirus disease. This decision is necessary to protect the life and health of Ukrainians and their relatives, ”said Ukrainian Minister of Health Viktor Liashko.
The decree comes into force one month from its publication.
Employees of the above establishments who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 during this period will be suspended from their work without pay.
As the Ukrainian News Agency reported earlier, the Health Ministry has extended the mandatory vaccination requirement for employees of state-owned enterprises and social workers since December 9.
Also, according to the decree of the Ministry of Health of October 4, employees of executive authorities and educational establishments are subject to compulsory vaccination.

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