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Health and mobility tracking app PeduliLindungi is currently undergoing maintenance, the health ministry said this morning, and could therefore cause technical issues for some users.

App users have posted complaints on social media about errors while using the app, including disconnecting and being unable to reconnect.

PeduliLindungi posted an apology on Twitter this morning, saying he was working on a fix and reminding users to update to the latest version of the app.

Health Ministry spokesman Mohammad Syaril said the app is undergoing maintenance and will return to normal operation soon.

PeduliLindungi contains users’ COVID-19 vaccination data, allowing them to pass checkpoints wherever screenings are still observed, such as on public transport.

Mohammad said that, for now, users have electronic copies of their vaccination certificates ready to be shown to security personnel if needed.

β€œWe apologize for the inconvenience caused,” he said. said.

Based on CoconutObservation this morning, security personnel at public facilities in the capital appear to be more relaxed than usual about enforcing PeduliLindungi records given the circumstances.