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Although the pandemic has upended nearly every aspect of society, no area was more immediately and completely transformed than healthcare after Covid-19 hit New York.

Workers in all spheres of industry – including doctors, medical technology developers and insurance company executives – have been forced to change direction and continue to adapt today. The emphasis on public and individual health has crystallized imperatives such as widely accessible health care, appropriate medical training and ever more sophisticated technologies.

During the health emergency, a class of heroic healthcare workers has emerged in the New York area – fearless professionals willing to work flexibly and even put themselves in harm’s way. New Yorkers and people around the world have benefited from their dedication, innovation and sacrifice.

In this spirit, Crain’s recognizes 86 people who have helped people lead healthier lives. Those on this list of notable healthcare leaders come from hospitals, government agencies, tech startups, and related fields. The winners are distinguished by their consummate leadership, their pioneering achievements and their ability to adapt to crises. In addition, all demonstrated a commitment to mentorship.

To be eligible, applicants had to live in or around New York, work for a health care or health insurance organization, have at least 10 years of experience in the field, and hold a leadership position. They also had to be willing to share their expertise with others in the field.

Read on to learn how these stalwarts serve New York.