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Health officials are asking seniors to sign up online for their COVID-19 reminders, hoping to avoid scenes like this in March in Puebla.

Pre-registration is not required but will speed up the process, health officials say

Older people must register on the government’s vaccination website before receiving their COVID-19 boosters, Deputy Health Minister Hugo López-Gatell said on Tuesday.

The federal government said earlier this month that registration was not mandatory, but López-Gatell said it would help speed up the process at vaccination centers.

“When we announced the booster injections, we indicated that pre-registration would not be necessary, but we detected that it is advisable to have pre-registration,” he told the conference. morning press of President López Obrador.

“…We don’t want seniors to wait long at vaccination centers…so it’s important to register,” the deputy minister said.

Older people should register for a booster injection on the mi vacuna website (my vaccine). Vaccine candidates must enter their CURP ID number, the date of their last injections – six months must have passed to qualify for a booster – and their address.

López-Gatell announced last week that people aged 60 and over will receive AstraZeneca COVID-19 booster shots regardless of which vaccine they were first inoculated with. Reminders enforcement has already started in some states. Additional doses will also be made available to young adults, but this seems unlikely to happen before next year.

As of Monday, more than 137.9 million doses of vaccine have been administered to some 81 million people, most of whom are fully immunized. The first-dose vaccination rate in adults is over 85% but only 63% in the general population, according to The New York Times vaccination follow-up.

Meanwhile, the number of accumulated cases in Mexico stands at nearly 3.92 million after the Health Ministry reported 771 new cases on Monday. The official death toll from COVID-19 has risen by 49 to 296,721. However, the actual death toll is believed to be much higher.

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