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in front of children crying for not providing vaccination status to enter the arena

NORTH, ONTARIO ~~ September 30, 2021 (LSNews) Officers said the woman had violated the law on trespassing on property and that they had come at the request of the facility manager.

A video posted on facebook shows two Ontario Provincial Police officers arresting a woman in front of her crying children in a sports arena, allegedly for not providing her vaccination status.

The video was posted by Josh Dawson, who is apparently the partner of Sara, the woman in the video.

In the video, Dawson insists the group is taking part in a public event at the Ripley-Huron Community Center, which is about three hours east of Toronto. Officers say the woman is breaking the law on trespassing on property and they came at the request of the facility manager.

Officers arrest the woman in front of her children, who start crying, and take her outside to their cruisers. Dawson follows, saying a warrant isn’t law, then walks back into the arena where the kids are still visibly upset.

In a later comment, responding to a question about how Sara was doing, Dawson said, “Kincardine OPP Detachment drove Sara in handcuffs to Ripley Public School, issued her a $65 ticket alleging trespassing, took her back to Ripley Arena, and told her she was banned from the arena.”

Editor’s Note:
Sad that hard-working police officers are being forced to turn against families by the Medical Officers of Health at the Health Unit

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