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Saint Lucia: Ministry of Health donates kidney dialysis equipment to Millennium Heights Medical Complex

Castries, Saint Lucia: The Millennium Heights Medical Complex is receiving much-needed dialysis equipment to help treat kidney failure patients in St. Lucia.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Senior Citizenship recently donated kidney dialysis equipment to the Millennium Heights Medical Complex, which is expected to help improve the quality of care services for kidney patients.

Millennium Heights Medical Complex Acting Director of Administration Jennifer Forrester thanked the ministry for its continued support and investment in health care in Saint Lucia.

“Your gesture here today in the form of donating kidney dialysis equipment will impact the lives of a significant number of our patients. We consider this to be an extremely valuable and significant contribution to supporting the delivery of care to our renal patients who come to the facility daily. This urgent equipment will be put into service very quickly. In fact, in the next few days with the support of our technical team who will carry out the installation and our clinical team who will use the equipment.

The Minister of Health, Moses Jn Baptiste, says he is very happy to work with the hospital to meet the challenges faced on a daily basis and improve the delivery of health care to patients.

“I am very happy that the donation of the kidney unit with eight chairs will help increase dialysis, the service for people who have had dialysis here at OKEU. It will help with filtration and some other services. I am very happy that medical professionals are getting an additional tool to help us with our situation here.

Millennium Heights Medical Complex consultant nephrologist Dr. Merle Clarke expressed her appreciation for the donation, which will make a huge difference in the services provided to kidney patients.

“What has really happened over the past few months is that water treatment has been problematic. Hence why this equipment is particularly needed. You cannot dialyze patients without water As far as dialysis goes, without water, nothing happens. And, of course, because of the technicalities of dialysis, that water has to be purified, and that’s what it allows us to do. a huge difference and will make a huge difference in the way we have operated; taking the stress off some of our very hardworking employees and of course allowing our patients to have the full four hour sessions that they should ideally to have in a sense, we had to reduce the number of patients a bit because of the equipment which was not functioning as it should.

Kidney dialysis equipment will be used to gradually purify the water at each stage and ensure the effectiveness of dialysis treatment.