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Saint Lucia Ministry of Health to Host PAHO IPC Training Workshop

St. LUCIA: Efforts to strengthen the health care system in infection prevention and control (IPC) are underway following a five-day training workshop hosted by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) .

Advanced IPAC training allowed participants to review infection prevention and control policies and guidelines for healthcare services.

PAHO Country Program Specialist Reynold Hewitt called on the training participants to champion infection prevention and control and ensure it is applied in all health facilities.

“During this week, pay close attention to the information you receive, condition your mind to ensure that the standards that need to be put in place are in place, and all of us in Saint Lucia, Saint Lucians in their together will be a better place for your family and friends. We’d love to hear that there are no more HIA hospital infections and communicable diseases in our healthcare facilities, but that’s a vision. But we can make it happen. so that numbers are drastically reduced where people’s health is protected.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Sharon Belmar-George says it is extremely important that participants apply the knowledge gained from this workshop to their daily practices in healthcare settings.

“Today’s training doesn’t just examine, it’s evidence-based. We look at our specific institutions to see what is causing the increases and what is causing the nosocomial infections. We seek to protect our patients entrusted to us. We are also looking at measures to protect our healthcare workers, because if our measures are not in place, all of our different levels of staff are equally at risk of becoming ill while at the facility, and we are also looking to protect visitors and families of arriving patients. So we have to be interested not only in the patient. The patient is very important that we protect, our healthcare workers and other family members as well. »

Kathryn Johnston, PAHO’s International Consultant for Infection Prevention and Control, believes this training will provide participants with the tools to better integrate infection prevention and control protocols when delivering healthcare services. to the people of Saint Lucia.

“We are excited to extend that in these training programs you teach, you give the tools, what is needed to develop infection prevention and control plans that will improve the quality of care, reduce the number of HAIs that occur in your facilities and will protect your healthcare workers and to enable you to have sustainable programs.

The training workshop focused on areas such as surveillance and evaluation of HAI healthcare-associated infections, causes and prevention of HAI, and strategies for implementing IPC practices, to name a few. name a few.