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On November 14, 2022, ShareMy.Health launched a metrics-based collaborative care platform for behavioral health that integrates therapy, data science, personalized content, and clinical tools. The platform connects individuals, providers, family, and circles of support to expand therapy and improve self-care engagement and outcomes. ShareMy.Health is a Salt Lake City-based digital health company that was established in 2018.

“Behavioral health is very complex, and attempts to treat it cannot focus solely on siled therapy, self-care, medication management, and technology solutions,” said Galen Murdock, Founder and CEO of ShareMy.Health. . “Successful solutions that integrate behavioral health treatment with digital tools will always complement each other and never diminish a provider’s hands-on care that is absolutely essential for a successful health outcome.”

Building on its digital health platform that has helped many people during Covid-19, ShareMy.Health (SMH) specializes in data privacy. SMH has developed a secure platform for electronic sharing of medical records based on a proprietary healthcare privacy architecture. This has created a paradigm shift and placed the individual consumer at the helm of the direction who can access their private health records.

The new SMH Mental Wellbeing platform makes in-person care and apps available to the more than 100 million Americans who suffer from the most common behavioral health conditions: anxiety, stress, depression and substance use disorders. The single platform powers personalized care by connecting patients, providers, families and peer support communities, while using analytics and AI to enable timely interventions and better treatment at the over time.

“The cost of depression alone is enormous and difficult to comprehend; it costs American employers up to $44 billion a year in lost productivity. Delaying treatment for mental health issues can also quadruple the annual cost of medical claims,” ​​said Paul Gulbin, Chief Commercial Officer at ShareMy.Health. “There are many apps on the market, but no real integrated experience across the patient journey. Everyone wants to know if we’re making progress, but visibility to measure and personalize treatment plans has been limited. ShareMy .Health now provides a comprehensive understanding of patient status, progress and benefits over time with the ability to measure return on investment.”

The company points out that levels of stress, anxiety and depression have soared around the world since the start of the pandemic, costing organizations 12 billion working days a year, according to the World Health Organization. . As one billion people worldwide now live with mental distress and hospital emergency room visits increase due to behavioral health issues, new teletherapy solutions and applications have flooded the market.

Most of these applications are rigid teletherapy, limiting vendor choice and offering little interoperability. This results in a disjointed experience, leading to app fatigue, low usage, and high cost. Lacking analytics for measurement, very few of these apps present the status, progress, and value of an individual’s care received.

ShareMy.Health was founded in 2018 as a digital healthcare company by health tech veterans who created a consumer-driven exchange to manage health record location services for shelter clients for homeless people, health care providers and organizations in New York. In 2020, ShareMy.Health transformed the platform by offering COVID-19 risk management solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, trade show organizers and professional sports leagues. Today, ShareMy.Health employs between 150 and 200 people. The company continues to innovate solutions for behavioral health and nutrition in children, connecting the person, providers, family and circle of support to improve outcomes for all.

The ShareMy.Health platform brings together assessments, resources, digital monitoring and medication adherence as well as objective measures of how a person thinks, feels and behaves. This anonymized data provides general wellness, life balance, and mental fitness scores that support workforce wellness and behavioral insights for providers over time.

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