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Published on August 20, 2022 at 08:02

St. Luke’s University Health Network has developed a program to work in the area of ​​behavioral health. Participants receive paid training.

St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Technician Training Academy is designed to provide the basic education and foundation to become a behavioral health technician within its inpatient behavioral health services.

This is a full-time, four-week paid training program that includes classroom training, simulation labs, electronic health records training, and job shadowing. No prior experience is necessary.

The first training program begins on September 19.

Cindi Reade, Network Director for Behavioral Health Support Services, said behavioral health technicians play a vital role in providing health care for an acutely ill inpatient psychiatric population.

They assist with administrative and clinical duties, including checking a patient’s vital signs, assisting with activities of daily living, monitoring and maintaining a safe and therapeutic environment, and supporting nurse and of the rest of the clinical team in providing direct patient care.

The curriculum of the program includes Therapeutic Communication; mental health terminology, illnesses and treatment; vital signs and activities of daily living

safety and management of the patient environment; violence prevention and team building activities.

Graduates will be placed in a position in inpatient clinical services at St. Luke’s.

For more information or to apply for the program, visit