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They will also attack the IRS and the provision of the bill that provides about $80 billion over the next ten years for the chronically underfunded and overstretched agency that has been crippled by old equipment and technology. The attacks will be long, but perhaps a little less grumpy:


Republicans have offered dozens of amendments, many of which will be just as petty as Graham’s. It’s unclear if they’ll show up to propose and debate them, as it’s August. Democrats aren’t planning any amendments, intending to pass the bill as is, so it doesn’t have to go back to the Senate.

That’s fine by members, including the Congressional Progressive Caucus, who had been pushing for a much stronger bill. It’s a good start, they insist, and really important climate change legislation to build on.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised in a letter to fellow Democrats and the public that “House Democrats will pass and send the landmark Inflation Reduction Act to the President. (Take that, Lindz.)”This bill makes a huge difference to the kitchen table of American families,” Pelosi said. “Those of us who have fought from the beginning for more family provisions in reconciliation know that we must never give up on this fight and will continue it in future legislation.