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Baghdad ( – The Iraqi Ministry of Health announced on Thursday the evolution of hemorrhagic fever and cholera in the country since the beginning of 2022.

Statistics released by the Iraqi Ministry of Health revealed that the number of patients infected with cholera reached 894, and the governorate most affected by the disease is Kirkuk where the number of cases reached 487, according to information from Alsumaria.

299 cases infected with hemorrhagic fever in addition to 55 deaths have been recorded in the governorate of Dhi Qar, making it the governorate most affected by hemorrhagic fever.

The Iraqi Ministry of Health had set conditions to control cholera infections in Kirkuk governorate and hemorrhagic fever in Dhi Qar governorate, according to a statement from the director of public health, Riyad Al-Halfi, quoted by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

The Iraqi official mentioned that most of the cholera infected cases are still in Kirkuk governorate, followed by the capital, Baghdad, and the rest of the governorates.

Halfi explained that the control of the two diseases cannot be ensured by the Ministry of Health alone, as the greatest responsibility lies with other ministries.

Halfi explained that cholera can only be controlled if the drinking water system for citizens is improved, and regarding hemorrhagic fever, he added that if the Ministry of Agriculture and veterinary hospitals do not control ticks , the disease could not be controlled.