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The hospital reform, voted in 2021, divides hospitals into five categories.

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The Ministry of Health has unveiled the conditions under which hospitals will be divided into five levels as part of the hospital reform.

The reform was approved by lawmakers last year.

“Each hospital will know the extent of its institutional care, technical equipment and staff,” Health Minister Vladimír Lengvarský (candidate OĽaNO) said on June 20. He added that patients will know exactly where they need to be hospitalized with their diagnosis and will receive the best help.

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The article continues after the video ad

The decree includes a list of 63 programs (e.g. emergency medicine and neurosurgery), which each hospital will offer as mandatory, supplementary or elective, and describes 1,460 medical services, the TASR newswire wrote. The Minister’s Order, for example, defines the maximum waiting times for surgical procedures.

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The complex material has been submitted for the interdepartmental review, which is expected to end in mid-July.

People should see the first real changes after the reform in early 2024. No hospitals will be closed, the ministry has said several times in the past.