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It is a clinical records system for the care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and newborn.

The provincial Ministry of Health on Friday launched the Perinatal Plus computer system, a clinical registration mechanism for care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and newborn developed by PAHO that exceeds those currently used. and will be carried out as a pilot test in four hospitals. Two upas in the provinces.

Santiago del Estero will be the sixth province in the country to launch it with advantages in updating online access and real-time loading of medical records.
To start the implementation of SIP Plus, a working meeting was organized between different health influencers from the first and second level of the Directorate of Obstetrics and Childhood and Care.

It was headed by the Undersecretary of Health, Dr César Monti, and the Director of Maternity and Childhood, Dr Pedro Carrizo. The Director of Social Development and Community Health, LIC was also present. Gonzalo Terran; and IT, Engg. Daniel Ramirez, CIS Termas, CIS Banda and coordinator of the UPA, in addition to managers and obstetrical managers of regional hospitals.

Dr. Monty mentioned the benefits of having a perinatal computer system in place. “Thanks to SIP Plus, the patient is identified from the first days of pregnancy, and is followed until the end of it. Currently, clinical history is uploaded through the perinatal card and into this new system. Thanks to this, we will be able to advance in the downloading of data in real time and it will be available to all influencers. Data is also added, such as past illnesses that the patient may have had, those with his overall treatment and those of his child will be,” she explained.

For her part, Carolina Pecora commented on the implications that SIP Plus will have. “From this meeting, a pilot trial will begin in the regional hospitals, CIS Banda, Cis Termas, Hospital Zonal de Frias, as well as in the UPAS maternity wards in the Reconquista district of the capital and in the El Cruz de La Band district. . This system is being implemented in other provinces of the country, such as Neuquén, San Juan, Jujuy, and we are currently starting the testing process in Santiago del Estero,” he said.

To conclude, Dr. Martinez, Director of CIS Termus, one of the health centers in which SIP PLUS will be implanted, noted: “The new technologies that are emerging in the health horizon will allow us to better interact with the different provinces. Add to that the need to know the effector and the patient’s medical history. In the event that patients are referred to the capital, it will be possible to imagine the practices and checks that have been carried out, as well as the past pathology.

SIP includes IT tools for analyzing data recorded in diagnostic modules used in obstetrics gynecology and neonatology departments. These tools generate automated reports on groups of demographic indicators, disease burden, interventions and outcomes.