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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta There have been reports of an alleged massive data leak of Indonesian hospital patient medical information sold on an illegal internet forum. The hackers claimed to have hacked into the Indonesian Ministry of Health‘s centralized server to obtain the data.

According to a report by antaranewsthe data being sold on the dark web contains 720 GB of personal medical information from a number of hospitals.

The uploader, according to the report, sold it on Raidforums and posted 6 million personal data, including patient names, hospitals they were treated at, patient photos, x-rays and Covid test results -19.

Indonesia’s health ministry said on Thursday it was investigating the alleged data breach. “We are assessing the problem and evaluating our systems,” Setiyaji, director of digital transformation at the Ministry of Health, said on January 6.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Dedy Permadi, said the matter was under review. He also informed that the Ministry of Health has coordinated efforts with the National Cybersecurity and Encryption Agency (BSSN).

“The Minister of Communications and Informatics has been ordered to communicate intensively with the Ministry of Health and begin the investigation,” Permadi said on Thursday.

Kominfo urged all operators of public and private electronic systems (PSE), especially those handling personal data, to pay attention to the handling of personal data and avoid data leaks.

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