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In a world overwhelmed by economic, social and ecological crises, health appears to be the number one priority for men. Daily life has become so stressful that it affects our well-being. To stay alert and in tune with everything, we’re glued to our phones, making disconnection a real mission. Physical activity is a real struggle.

Fortunately for us, there is also a whole branch of technology that helps us navigate this rough terrain. The Recursive has compiled a list of 7 health tech gadgets developed in South Eastern Europe with one mission: to take better care of our bodies and minds. From wristbands to headbands to glasses, these health tech gadgets aim to help us better understand our hearts, brains, and needs, so we can live better lives.

Health technology gadgets developed in South East Europe

Last name: Zeit MedicaI

Year of foundation: 2019

Headquarter: California, United States

Founders: Orestis Vardoulis and Urs Naber

What he does: The company has developed a headband that people can wear while they sleep. The laptop monitors their brain impulses. The software analyzes these impulses and can detect hours earlier if a stroke or seizure will occur. It is advised to be worn by patients prone to neurological damage.

The bracelet can be set to call for help as soon as possible if any danger is detected. The last round of investmentin total 1.8M was raised by American VCs SeedtoB and Digilife in 2021.

Last name: AYO

Year of foundation: 2015

Headquarter: Sofia, Bulgaria

Founders: Aleksandar Dimitrov, Branislav Nikolic

What does it dos: The company has developed glasses that project blue light for 20-30 minutes, mimicking natural sunlight, improving the human body’s internal clock. The specific light sends signals to the brain, through the retina, and then alters the creation of the sleep hormone, melatonin. Users experience better sleep, increased energy levels and reduced effects of jet lag in a natural way. The goAYO app provides personalized therapy, with science-based guidance, to help clients achieve their goals for a healthier lifestyle. When downloading the app, they complete a simple test that helps the software get a sense of the body’s usual rhythm, unique sleep/wake cycle, and from there it makes recommendations for altering their routine. investment is 190K in total, and was raised by Eleven Ventures.

Last name: SparkVision

Year of foundation: 2021

Headquarter: Sofia, Bulgaria

Founders: Ilko Simeonov and Ivan Tsvetkov

What he does: Glasses with bluetooth connection and camera installed to help visually impaired people to better orient themselves outside, but also to read a text and call a friend, if necessary. The small speakers on the glasses allow people to hear the text they have previously scanned with the glasses camera. It uses specific software, available in English and Bulgarian.

Last name: ECG for everyone

Year of foundation: 2016

Headquarter: Novi Sad, Serbia

Founders: Steve Jokic

What he does: The device software collects large data from the ECG device, which is a small plastic device connected to your mobile phone, processing the electrical activity of your heart, thus analyzing the state of well-being general customers. It monitors the heart remotely for early diagnosis and post-hospital treatment. It also measures fitness and stress levels. Once the data is displayed on the app, the platform provides personalized advice from various experts and AI-derived big data analysts. The device is suitable for anyone who wants timely advice on their health and advice on how it could be improved. He raised a total investment round of 16.2K in 2016.

Last name: silver technologies

Year of foundation: 2019

Headquarter: Zagreb, Croatia

Founders:Slavko Radman, Tihana Petricevic

What he does: The smartwatch monitor brings together biometric mobile data and voice communications, provides an integrated system for seamless data and voice interaction between seniors, caregivers and healthcare professionals. The information collected may be shared with users or with doctors and other professionals. It allows 24/7 medical follow-up of seniors in the family by their relatives.

Last name: Ventilate

Year of foundation: 2016

Headquarter: Timisoara, Romania

Founders: Moldavian Horatiu, Iasmina GruicinMarian Ionascu

What he does: Airify is a smart wearable micro air quality monitoring device that connects to smartphones. After analyzing the surrounding environment by 13 parameters with its 6 detection modules, it collects and stores all the data in the app. This provides an open platform for crowdsourcing air quality data, enabling users to make the best decisions to reduce their exposure to air pollution. The company won an investment worth 18K€ by the European Economic Area in 2020.

Last name: mBrainTrain

Year of foundationg: 2012

Headquarter: Belgrade, Serbia

Founders: Ivan Gligorijevic and Bogdan Mijovic

What he does: mBrainTrain has developed a similar swim cap with small medal discs attached to the scalp, connected to a small gadget that sends brain signals to the connected mobile device. Thus, it provides data on the neurological activity of the brain. The development of electrical activity electrogram (EEG) software and hardware helps support brain research aimed at improving quality of life. Researching brain activity is important for understanding what triggers certain emotions, how consciousness works, what makes us do the things we do. When brain information is read correctly, people will be able to live a better and more fulfilled life. The last funds were raised in 2015 of Convertible note round, with a total value of 120K€.