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1 By Eyong Ebai, Managing Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, GE Healthcare ( The tremendous engagement, activity and positive results that emerged from the recently held Africa Health ExCon in Cairo, Egypt, reflect a moment of broader opportunity as the stars align to drive the development of healthcare infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa financial institutions with a shared vision and commitment to healthcare.

2 development on the continent.

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3 This momentum limits the headwinds of the Covid pandemic and government financial constraints, global inflation, logistical bottlenecks and complements the tailwinds found in the huge financial commitments of development agencies.

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4 Institutions such as the Islamic Development Bank, the World Bank, the African Development Bank and the African Export-Import Bank have allocated large grants and concessional loans, amounting to billions of dollars, to help extending health infrastructure to communities around the world.

5 continent.

6 Government action At the same time, government initiatives in key markets are multiplying and some are already bearing fruit with the construction of intensive care units, the development and renovation of secondary public hospitals, and the construction of specialized hospitals.

seven This reflects a commitment to implement a world-class multi-level healthcare infrastructure in both the public and private sectors.

8 This approach recognizes primary health care as the essential enabling platform for providing better patient care.

9 Digitization Digitization is an exciting trend that is helping to expand access to and quality of healthcare.

ten This has now gained much wider and faster acceptance, as seen in the age of Covid.

11 This helps us communicate faster with clients, which means faster action on project approvals, implementation and completion.

12 More importantly, digitizing healthcare infrastructure means bringing expertise and resources to patients and communities that may not have had these resources available before – another important source of improved outcomes for patients. patients in rural areas.

13 Cross-Border Growth Another component of regional optimism is the rise of private healthcare groups looking to expand across borders.

14 We are seeing a proliferation of African health groups bringing their expertise to other countries on the continent.

15 Companies from Egypt, the GCC and South Africa are establishing new facilities or acquiring existing entities in countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Zambia and Kenya.

16 Localization supports healthcare ambitions GE Healthcare is the only international healthcare technology provider with a 50-year history and continent-wide presence in Africa.

17 We are well positioned to support public and private sector clients in achieving their healthcare priorities.

18 Through our local teams and decades of experience, we understand the nuances, challenges and solutions needed to unlock and engage local and global healthcare ecosystems.

19 With over 1,000 GE Healthcare employees on the continent, and up to 95% of them drawn from the local communities we serve, we have a deeply localized ecosystem of sales managers, field engineers and specialists working to world-class standards.

20 world to deliver technologies that help doctors identify diseases earlier and expand treatment options.

21 The result is faster diagnosis and treatment, whether in district hospitals or in specialized centres, which translates into better outcomes and a less intensive and more sustainable demand on health systems.

22 At the same time, when needed, we can leverage our global centers of excellence to access global experts.

23 Technology leap An important aspect of this momentum is that we have the opportunity to leap forward in healthcare technologies to reach more mature markets.

24 Rather than a step-by-step approach from X-rays to MRI to PET/CT to on-site cyclotrons, countries in Africa can jump right into the most advanced healthcare technologies, with all the benefits that they offer, to patients and providers. .

25 GEHC supports the HC ecosystem With all that is happening in the industry, it is important to recognize, both globally and in Africa, that no one can build the future of healthcare alone.

26 GE Healthcare helps its customers bring together all key players in the healthcare ecosystem, including financing and development agencies, commercial banks, multilateral financial institutions, project managers, architects, contractors and technology providers.

27 This is crucial, because while money is becoming more readily available, matching capital and providers remains a challenge.

28 We help suppliers carry out feasibility studies and business plans to make projects bankable.

29 Maintaining momentum As the Africa Health ExCon ​​showed, this is a truly exciting time to be in the health industry in Africa.

30 With all the key players, from governments, development banks, private players and international technology providers like GE Healthcare, working in the same direction, the opportunity to transform healthcare in Africa has never been greater. close.

31 Let us build on the momentum of the Cairo event to provide a healthcare infrastructure in Africa that can produce a better world for all its citizens.

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