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One of the innovative women in an interview with a journalist

A tech startup led by three innovative women in the Savannah region, Televet, is working to solve the problem of farmers who cannot access veterinary care for their pets and farm animals.

Animal health services help prevent disease in livestock and maintain the productivity and viability of the livestock industry.

However, it can be difficult for farmers, especially those in rural areas, to access these services for several reasons.

In light of this long-standing challenge, Abubakari Sherifa, CEO of Televet, and his two collaborators at Damongo came up with the idea of ​​using technology to solve persistent problems.

According to her, Televet is a one-stop online resource for animal and pet health services where farmers and veterinarians can easily connect.

The mobile web platform, she continued, will reduce pressure on farmers and vets and encourage the livestock industry in the country.

“We discovered this solution after going on an empathy journey where we spoke with many breeders and learned that they were facing many challenges, the biggest of which was having access to licensed vets.” Ms Abubakari told reporters.

“After realizing the difficulty that farmers were facing, especially in rural areas, we decided to launch Televet to eliminate the difficulty of evaluating animal health services,” she added.

According to Mr. Yussif Abubakari Sadic, a turkey farmer in Tamale, farmers are indeed struggling to access veterinary care for their animals.

As a turkey farmer, I have many obstacles, one of which is getting good health care for my birds. As a result, I lost a lot of turkeys and many other farmers are complaining about it as well. Televert is a great initiative that will revolutionize livestock farming in the country,” said Mr. Sadic.

Mr. Issah Alhassan Sulemana, veterinarian at the Municipal Assembly of Sagnarigu, concurred with Mr. Sadic’s assertions that farming is fraught with pitfalls.

He added that animal health is essential because the majority of diseases in animals are zoonotic. “Most animal diseases are zoonotic, meaning that if they infect animals and aren’t treated properly, they can spread to humans,” he said.

Mr. Issah praised Televet, saying that if the organization’s solution is successful, it will improve the delivery of animal health services in the country. He, however, urges the team to go on an outreach trip to educate farmers on the importance of the services.

Televet has been named the winner of the Savannah Startup Summit 2022 organized by iValley Ghana to promote technology in the agricultural sector.