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New Delhi [India], September 19 (ANI/GPRC): World Patient Safety Day was observed on September 17 by Peerless Hospital and BK Roy Research Clinic organized MEDI SAFE CON 2022 on the eve of World Patient Safety Day. patient safety for the first time in East India. The global healthcare landscape is changing with healthcare systems operating in increasingly complex environments. While new treatments, technologies and models of care may have therapeutic potential, they may also pose new threats to the safety of care. Patient safety is a fundamental principle of healthcare and is now recognized as an important and growing global public health challenge.

Patient safety in healthcare consistently and sustainably reduces risk, reduces the occurrence of preventable harm, reduces the likelihood of error, and reduces its impact when it does occur. Unsafe medication practices and medication errors are the leading cause of preventable injury and harm in healthcare systems around the world. Globally, the cost associated with medication errors has been estimated at $42 billion per year. Errors can occur at different stages of the medication use process. Multiple interventions aimed at addressing the frequency and impact of medication errors have already been developed, but their implementation is varied. A broad mobilization of actors supporting sustained actions is necessary. In response to this, WHO has identified ‘Medication Safe’ as the theme for the third Global Patient Safety Challenge. The campaign calls on stakeholders to prioritize and take early action in key areas associated with significant patient harm from unsafe medication practices. These include high-risk situations, transitions of care, polypharmacy (use of multiple drugs at the same time), and medications that look and sound similar. the next 5 years.

Objectives of World Patient Safety Day 2022: 1. RAISING AWARENESS around the world of the high burden of medication-related harm from medication errors and unsafe practices, and ADVOCACY for urgent action to improve medication safety.

2. ENGAGE key stakeholders and partners in efforts to prevent medication errors and reduce medication-related harms. 3. ENABLE patients and families to actively participate in safe medication use.

4. EVOLVE the implementation of the WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medicine Safe. As part of this global campaign, Peerless Hospital and BK Roy Research Clinic organized MEDI SAFE CON 2022 on the eve of World Patient Safety Day for the first time in East India.

This conference on medical safety aims to raise awareness among doctors, patients, students, caregivers, stakeholders in various fields such as oncology, gastro, intensive care, pediatrics, home care, telemedicine and also its medico-legal implications. “It is the joint responsibility of the medical profession around the world to participate in initiatives taken by the WHO on very important issues, such as patient safety. We were trained to practice medicine and the first principle that we were taught was – “Do no harm”. This is the most important lesson we should try to implement in our practice. Despite its importance, the profession continues to inflict suffering and pain through the inappropriate and dangerous prescription of drugs.” Says Dr. Sujit Kar Purakayastha MD Peerless Hospital. Surgical oncologist Dr. Diptendra Sarkar also believes that this conference will raise awareness among physicians and physicians. It says “The covid pandemic has established a new world order. Data suggests that 1 in 7 hospitalized covid patients had a secondary infection. Doctors had no choice but ‘the baton response’. match “of” empiric treatment “desperate”. Thus, antimicrobial resistance and the emergence of new “unknown” strains have surfaced. The problem of managing “superbugs” in the hospital setting has become a major problem for all of us. The spread of RAM can destroy years of innovation. The desperate and random use of antibiotics in the community has also created an unprecedented situation. With very few molecules in the pipeline, the situation is truly one of “panic”. AMR-related deaths are increasing disproportionately. It is time to review the basics and re-establish guidelines adapted to the new order. Dr. Subhrojyoti Bhowmick, chair and host of this conference, said, “Medisafecon 2022 held on the eve of global patient safety is our effort to bring together patient safety experts who will discuss how medication errors can be reduced in hospitals. We have international and national speakers from doctors, nurses and pharmacologists who will discuss various strategies to prevent medication errors in daily patient care.”

Peerless Hospital is a 400-bed multi-specialty corporate hospital in East India that has been built around the core principles of empathy, transparency, medical ethics and affordability and is located at Panchasayar, the southern fringe of Kolkata where patients recover in a green and spacious environment. . The focus of the hospital has been clinical excellence and clinical research, which is why Peerless Hospital has to its credit countless rare and complicated cases treated, many of which have been recognized as the first from the Eastern Region and featured in peer-reviewed journals. This story was provided by GPRC. ANI shall in no way be responsible for the content of this article. (ANI/GPRC)

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